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Sign2Music Vol. 2, Fun Songs for Movers is the long awaited CD with songs we sing, sign and have fun with in our Movers Classes.


1. Hello Children

2. My Hands Can Clap Like This

3. This is the Way

4. Five Little Ducks

5. Opposites Song

6. Little Green Frog

7. I Learn My Alphabet

8. Little Peter Rabbit

9. The Colours Song

10. Row Row Row Your Boat

11. SigningSandy

12. Once I Caught a Fish Alive

13. What’s the Weather Like Today?

14. I Like Playing with My Toys

15. Little Daisy Doggy (Parachute Song)

16. Grand Old Duke ofYork

17. Let’s All Play with the Parachute

18. She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain

19. Don’t Touch Things That Might be Hot

20. Humpty Dumpty

21. Please and Thank You

22. I Went to the Potty

23. It’s Raining It’s Pouring (Family)

24. The Animals in the Zoo

25. Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

26. Clap Your Hands Like Signing Sandy

Vocals by Deirdre McLaughlin

Backing tracks by the wonderful Rowena Howey, Rhythm Express  

Please note all songs on Sign2Music Vol.2 CD are copyrighted and are for personal use only unless written permission has been granted by Sign2Music. Before completing this purchase please complete the agreement on the CD copyright page.

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