Roisin, Cora's Mum:  Cora has really enjoyed coming to Sign2Music since she was eight months old. It has helped her speech, confidence and ability to interact with other children immensely. She has been signing for some time now and continues to add to her signing vocabulary. She talks about Deirdre, Signing Sandy and Daisy Doggy constantly and now wants her newborn brother to start coming to the class too! Sign2Music allows children to engage with music and other children, as well as the opportunity to develop an important means of communication. Thanks for another fulfilling term. 

We love coming every week. I enjoyed seeing Cora (age 19 months) starting to join in as the weeks went on. Cora really benefits from all three aspects of the class: signing, singing and socialising. She sings and signs at home all the time. We started coming to the wrigglers class when Cora was 9 months and she now does lots of signs.

Deborah, Ethan's Grandmother:  Adults & children looked forward to Saturday mornings - relaxed, fun, entertaining & educational. The children grow in confidence in the class & outside. Ethan can sign: Dad, Grandad, eat, where, happy, sleep, change, cat, dog, car, so MANY signs now thanks to the classes. 

Debbie, Niamh's Mum: Fun, relaxed classes which we both enjoyed. It was great to have the flexibility to bring another adult with me. We enjoyed the songs. They amused Niamh in and out of class and were great for letting her know, eg, if we were going to change her nappy when she made the association with the song and activity. I enjoyed learning basic signs also. 

Nadine, Evie's Mum: Evie really enjoyed learning to sign through music, it helped her especially due to her speech and language delay. She enjoyed meeting the characters and the parachute. Her signing is really evident since starting this course and it has complimented her nursery placement where she is also being taught to sign. 

Dianne, Lily and Malachi's Mum: Fantastic. Deirdre was very patient with lily and her fear of Sandy. I enjoyed seeing how much fun the children had. Lily signs very often and Malachi (9 months) does nappy change. 

Sinead, Jame's Mum: It's fantastic being able to communicate with your baby! When my child did his first sign I was over moon. He can sign when he needs changed, if lights not on in room, some of the animals, some of the songs. He's great. Being able to communicate with your baby is a special gift 

Jools, William's Mum: We love Sign2Music!  We have been coming to classes since William was 4 months and he's now 18months.  He enjoys the classes, it is a great way to get him interested in learning, he loves the social aspect (and so do I!) and more importantly I definitely feel like signing with him has been a great help to us. William especially loves the interactive parts of class like using the shakers and the parachute. He has been able to communicate his needs with me from a very young age and as a result he has always been an incredibly content child. We have had loads of signs, starting at about 6 months, he can now sign loads, too many to detail! We have had such a great experience I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the classes to everyone! 

Liz, Ellie's Mum: We’ve just completed our second term of Sign2Music classes and enjoyed this term even more than the first. It continued to be a really fun and engaging experience for my daughter, and I am so proud of her development this term. I would never have believed the amount of communication we have been able to have before she can speak. We now ‘discuss’ the things that we see and hear, and she volunteers information to me, and joins in with songs signing them to me as I sing them (sometimes before I sing them – she knows the songs!). I am so glad that we have had this opportunity to communicate because I would be so sad to miss this interaction with her, and I can only imagine the benefit that she is getting from being included in the world of those around her. I also believe that my relationship with her is that much stronger due to our ability to communicate with each other 

Carly, James' Mum: I have absolutely loved the classes, its a highlight of the limited time james and I get (plus keeps me sane on the more frantic weekends), what you are doing is incredible and we are delighted to be a part of it, so thank you xxx 

Ethna, Noah's Mum: Loved it and particularly enjoyed the songs! I have loved the signing experience with Noah and would love others to experience it with their children. Noah had his first sign about 8 mths and has had 2 more definite signs. 

Liz, Eleanor's mum: We'd a great time and really enjoyed the atmosphere of the classes. Enjoyed seeing the babies growing up and developing, from starting to recognise the songs to signing and becoming familiar with the whole experience. It's a great way of helping your child to learn. I love the idea that young ones can communicate before they are able to talk, but signs aside my baby has learned things like where her head, hands and toes are, plus just enjoying the classes themselves, so it's a great all round experience. Deirdre is great and her relaxed and fun attitude make the classes even better. Ellie did a lot of babbling from the beginning (and ALWAYS laughs at me), signed 'Light' and 'Hat' about 2/3 of way through, and after the term finished has now also signed 'bird', and sort of signed 'more' and possibly 'eat'! 

Marie, Caden's mum: Another great term, short but sweet! Love the educational side to the fun. Caden thinks sign2music is part of his life now. I don't know how he'll cope next year when he can't go! He has been signing since age 1. However now he doesn't need signs to communicate he will sing the songs & sign along without realising. Waiting on cillian to do his first sign but he does a lot of hand/wrist movements which is how Caden started! 

Great class. Great learning & social interaction. Very enjoyable & easy going. Great pace & Caden loved it. I most enjoyed watching Caden when he was mesmerised by either Deirdre / sandy / daisy / bubbles! He signs 'more' when eating! Reacts when I play the CD or sing any of the songs to him. 

Jessica, Holly's mum: Sign2Music is a fantastic class which my daughter and I attended from when she was 4 months old. Deirdre's incredible hard work and enthusiasm for teaching signing has paid off with the growth of this brilliant programme. The quality of the teaching and class materials are superb - I haven't attended a children's class yet that can compete. Nearly a year after attending our last class, my daughter still sings the songs and signs along. Signing Sandy & Daisy Doggy will always be an important part of my little ones development!

Excellent, very impressed. Good structure to the sessions, well thought out delivery and first class information and handouts. Very useful for both parents and children to learn signing, and delivered in a way that is fun to learn. Tea and buns at the end of class is also a nice thought! 

Gillian, Eve's mum: I've been doing a few signs with Eve since she was about four months, we've also been going to Deirdre's class in lisburn this term and now eves signs are taking off!! she can tell me when she wants more of something, she also knows bird, dog , light and finished... the classes are brilliant fun, eve has a ball at them and its just great for her to socialise with other children! 

Aideen, Olivia's mum: Olivia has thoroughly enjoyed her baby class and toddler class. The first time she signed at home was when she was going to sleep one night and signed 'I Love you' - After that she signed every day: Drink, toast, colours, home, sleep, light etc which solved an awful lot of frustration as we knew what she wanted quickly. Signing Sandy will always be Olivia's favourite (even if he has no socks!!) as she frequently sings the Sandy songs. The classes are tailored to the age range of the children attending with catchy songs and stories that can be enjoyed by all! Sign2Music relieves frustration between the child and parent / guardian which is a great help, especially in the middle of the night! A real pleasure to attend the classes which are always so carefully planned. Thank you! 

Alison, Alex's mum: Really enjoyed the course. Alex definitely has learned a number of signs. He really loves coming to the class and is always looking for Daisy Doggy. The interaction between Deirdre and the children is brilliant. Thank you very much, we really had fun! 

Sign to music really is the highlight of our week. My two year old son Alex gets so excited when signing Sandy and Daisy Doggy appears. He loves the interaction and stimulation from Deirdre, all the other children and the lively songs and stories. Every week there's a different theme which gives a lot of variety and keeps the children interested. Alex really does enjoy the games we play with the colourful parachute and loves to run around. Deirdre really makes such an effort to make the class enjoyable and fun not just for the little ones but for us moms too. Us moms always get a lovely cuppa and a chat which always sets us up! We absolutely love sign to music and couldn't recommend the class highly enough!

J and A, J's Parents: We found the course excellent. J loved meeting other children and we observed him developing and interacting as the weeks progressed. Lots of visual aids to stimulate the children’s interest & the classes were well planned & organised. It was good to have a booklet to look at the signs at home and to share them with other family members. I would really recommend the course to any young babies as they love the music and the social element is great for parents and children.

Paula, Ross's mum: We definitely want to come back! Out of all the classes and activities I take Ross to he enjoys yours the most - and I don't think it's just because of the buns! 

Heather, Anna's mum: Not only do the kids have great fun and learn a new language, both parents and baby bond make new friends. This is an unbelievable and enjoyable experience once you go you cant wait to go back. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Exciting fun educational friendly covers all the development skills and adds to them. Worth time and money as hearing/seeing your child express themselves with out having to struggle with the words is priceless! 

Annette, Orlaidh's mum:  Sign2Music is an excellent class for babies and toddlers. My daughter loves to sit right at the front watching Deirdre, Sandy and Daisy taking it all in then having a signing explosion at home. It makes me so proud watching her communicate with sign and being able to understand each other has strengthened our bond. It's also great having my son be able to help teach her signs and sing with her!!

Another great class today. I can't believe how much Orlaidh is coming on with her signs. The other day she signed toast and said the word as well. Earlier I was looking at the facebook page and she spotted Sandy and did the sign for that then did the sign for nappy change. Then I asked her where Daisy dog was and she signed Dog with both hands on both legs lol. I'm so glad I found this class to bring her to!!! Thank you. You'll prob have us at ur class for a long time lol well for as long as you'll have us lol 

Putting orlaidh in car after class she said "orlaidh had fun in signing sandy mummy" lol 

Edel, Luke's mum: I'm from Newry and made the journey to Ballynahinch for 2 terms on a saturday morning from Luke was about 7 months old. Both me and him loved it and he has picked up loads of signs. My husband now takes him to the Tuesday Lisburn class. 

We love sign 2 music soo much. Luke picked up signing very early on and has so much fun at Deirdre's classes as does his mummy and daddy. Can't wait for next term to start! 

We love our trip to Ballynahinch every Saturday for sign2music. By far the most enjoyable , educational and friendly class we have been to and the signing rewards at home just make me so proud and Luke so pleased with himself. (Mar 2011) We love your classes so far and Luke loves the CD. we've only done 2 classes and already he is clapping appropriately and he loves Polly the Dolly song!! and I sing it all day!

Elaine, Richard and Joseph's mum: Just have to thank you Deirdre for coming to Joseph's party today and bringing Signing Sandy and Daisy Dog along... Everyone had a ball even my brother in law was talking about it - Think my family thought I exaggerated about the classes being so good until they seen it for themselves. 

Aside from the party this is our third term attending your classes, I attended intially hoping it would help Joseph (now 4) with his speech and communication but we have got so much more out of it... Joseph's speech and confidence have developed so much and the frustration he would have had is disappearing, and Richard can do so many signs (his favourite being NO) and he is only 16 months. I have to say I wish that I had known about the classes when Joseph was six months but better late than never. The classes are enjoyable, and a good way to meet other parents and spend quality time with your children. Thanks x 

Enjoyed the classes. I felt it really has helped my eldest child with confidence and speech. Very enjoyable. Helps with speech, social skills and get to meet other parents with children of a similar age.

Wendy, Emma's mum: My daughter Emma loved both the baby and toddler classes - i think it really helped with her speech development but most of all she loved the songs, the musical instruments and the really laid back and non-pressurised environment of the class - would definitely recommend this class!

Lisa and Brian, Danu's parents: Course content is exceptional and the delivery fantastic. This has helped understand the needs of Danu and improved her quality of communication, especially at 5am! Just keep being as great as this:) 

Margaret, Zack's mum: I attended Deirdres class with my little one when he was 9 months old, the classes were wonderful really good fun. Little Zack is now 19 months old and using lots of signs, it certainly makes life a lot easier as we don't have the frustrations which come from him not being understood. I thoroughly recommend Deirdres classes, they are amazing and I learnt loads as well! 

Helen, Dylan's mum: Brilliant, even the second time around and we have already signed up for the next class.

Deborah, Erin's mum: Erin really enjoyed the songs, instruments and interaction with other children and it kept her engaged for the whole class. The use of puppets to signal the start and end is very good and putting the songs to popular tunes is brilliant 

Paul & Ann, Daire and Fionn's parents: Great fun to have with your child with a real tangible benefit in parent child communication. A good social outlet for parents and children alike. 

Very good, a consistent level of repeatability of songs. Sang many of the songs at home. Music is a great help to the songs as you are more inclined to sing with background music. Fun -  a good way for kids to meet other kids and parents to meet other parents 

Fiona, Tara's mum: Excellent presentation / content. Thoroughly enjoyable and amazing how babies can pick up so quickly 

Diane and Greg, Abi's parents: Very hard to better this - all great. Fun, relaxed, very enjoyable. Starter pack great, themes each week very good, songs a fun way to learn. Abi and we really enjoyed and looked forward to each class 

Judith, Harrison's mum: The delivery, relevance and materials used were very good. It's lovely to see them interacting with teacher and children of various ages.

Gill, George's mum: Very good. Good build up of words used and summaries of the previous class helpful.

Diane, Lottie's mum: I just had to write what a fantastic time my 2 year old daughter Lottie and her friends had on Saturday during her Sign To Music Themed Party. Deidre was exceptional !! As a Nursery School owner, I have used many performers and companies, but Deidre outshone them. My husband said "even better than signing hands on mr Tumble's Something Special". The joy on the childrens' faces was just amazing! Will definitely use again, don't miss out! 

Angela, Mateya’s mum: Excellently structured, resources are brilliant and Deirdre is great – huge amount of energy and clearly thinks carefully about the course. Course was excellent and combined extremely well elements of play, learning, music and free play. The resources such as Daisy Dog and Signing Sandy and the bubbles were really good and the theory and worksheets at each session really helped to remember what was learned. I also attended another class and the Sign 2 Music class was longer, much better quality and included resources to take away. I’d definitely recommend this course.

Catherine, Leo's mum: Leo has gone from the baby class where he used a couple of signs (eg more) but with an understanding of a lot more signs to the toddler class where he consistently uses more signs such as please, thank you, yes, dirty nappy , all gone etc and is beginning to use more words. His understanding of what I’m saying is greater than what I remember from my other children at this age. I myself have enjoyed the learning. 

Lynne, Lexie's mum: Great for mummy and baby. Fab for communication development. Each week was really well planned with great songs and toys. The handouts were excellent and of a high quality. Plenty to keep Lexie’s attention throughout the session.

Jill, Daniel's mum: Loved it!! Daniel is signing away and we as a family are really seeing the benefit from it! I feel Daniel got a lot more out of the course this term, and got to know the structure of the sessions, what was happening and who the puppets were!! 

Daniel and I have really enjoyed the sessions and have both learnt a lot. Daniel appears to be getting a real sense of satisfaction from communicating and it is really nice to be able to understand some of the things he wants or needs!!!! Really good weekly topics, good range of activities, really appropriate - Daniel is now really starting to communicate, with the help of many signs. Handouts useful, puppets really nice, bubble machine was the highlight for Daniel!!!!!! 

Just thought I would drop you a wee note to say Daniel's signing is really taking off!!! 'Again' is his favourite sign - but after the bubble machine you probably have already guessed that!!! He has used it in context for so many things - reading his books, play time, even in the swimming pool when he wanted to jump off the side again!! He also uses it for eating when he wants more!! It is getting to the stage where he is not needing prompting at all! I also think he is realising that he can communicate and by using signs and even props he can tell us what he wants, which is giving him a lot of satisfaction. So I just thought I would give you a big thank you from Daniel and myself as I truly believe your classes are making a difference! 

Louise, Ruby’s mum: A fantastic course with great songs and rhymes to sing with your child. It was great that the course was on a Saturday as ‘working mums’ tend to miss out on classes with their babies. The content was great as all topics were relevant to the child’s day!

Jo, George's mum: Subjects covered were very relevant and well structured. The use of toys and “sandy” were very good. I think you highlighted how fantastic signing is and I know the most valuable sign George and I have taken is “milk”, although he uses it for food and other things, it has been so great as I am at least understanding some of his needs.

Caroline, Joshua's mum: Very much enjoyed the social aspects of the class for Joshua and myself. The material that came every week – showing the songs and the signs was a great touch – and not available for free from other programs.


Nikki & K: Just been to a great Sign2Music session with Alison (at Snakes n Ladders). Well run with great songs. And managed to keep a bunch of toddlers under control! Brought it all back, ha ha! And baby K enjoyed it too. Think we'll be back! (October 2011)

Ashleigh, Charlotte and Alex's mum: I started coming to Sign2Music with my little girl Charlotte when she was about 6 months old and we are still going over 2 years later. I now bring along her baby brother Alex who has just turned 1 and both kids absolutely love it! Signing has been so beneficial and has really helped us communicate with both children from an early age. Charlotte now uses a lot of her early signs to communicate with Alex but we have found that she is now using her signing as she learns colours and her alphabet signs are really helping her with her phonics! The classes are great fun and keep the kids entertained! A great way to spend a Saturday morning. (May 2011)

A fantastic class for babies, toddlers and parents with wonderful puppets and props (including parachute and bubbles) that the kids all adore. Not only is the class itself great fun, learning to sign with both our children has proved to be a truly invaluable aid for commumication (Mar 2011)

Julie, Aimee's mum: A great fun class for kids and parents which we found extremely useful during the babbling stage - definitely a good aid to communication (Mar 2011)

Lisa: We have been attending the sign2music classes in Bangor with Alison Priddle. This is our first term and we are really enjoying the classes. I baught the vol 1 CD today and when I put it on to my amazement my 15 month started signing a few signs. Today was the first day I brought my 3 1/5 year old and she cant wait to go back. Since we came home all she has been doing is talking about the class and showing me all the signs learned today (Feb 2011)

Lynsey: I have one happy, sleepy, almost toddler after Bangor class today!! Great fun! (Feb 2011)

Sheena and Charlie, 2: I have friends with younger children who aren't speaking yet and I think they would find Sign2Music beneficial. Charlie and I both looked forward to our Sat morning class. It gave great ideas for songs and to sing to Charlie (Mar 2010)

Ruth and Ellie , 15mths: We really enjoyed the course! The course was very good, we have noticed Ellie using a lot more signs this term. At her 15 month assessment her health visitor commented on how good her communication skills were and Ellie "showed off" some signs. The Health Visitor asked about the course and was very impressed (Mar 2010)

Deborah and Erin, 20mths: I think all the children in the class as a group seem very articulate and have big characters which I think is due to being able to express themselves through sign (Mar 2010)

Claire and Beth, 16mths: Excellent course, really enjoyed it. Beth's signs have really taken off recently and she loves coming to the class, she's even started asking to come! Content is good and relevant to the age group and delivery is fun and enthusiastic. A great Saturday morning family time! I would def recommend. It is fun and beneficial. I can't believe how much they learn so quickly. Gives great ideas for songs and games for learning and playing at home! (Mar 2010)

Diana and Lauren, 20mths: Very entertaining. Easy to learn and lauren enjoyed it. lauren very quickly picked up signs and made communicating with her less stressful and fun (Mar 2010)

Loren and Jamie: Jamie really enjoys the singing and different activities throughout the class, content is def relevant to Jamies daily routine and it's lovely to see him starting to react in class and sign at home. It's also fun for adults too!! (Mar 2010)

Chris and Toby, 13 months: Excellent... Toby really enjoyed the classes, it's good for the babies to interact with others and they enjoy the singing/music. Any signing learnt is a bonus! (Mar 2010)

Glynis and Connie , 10mths: Connie has really enjoyed the music and interaction with the babies. Alison makes each class fun and interesting for both of us (Mar 2010)

Carolynn and Josh, 21 mths: Really enjoyed it. Josh didn't sign much in class, he was too busy enjoying the singing etc.. Delivery is great and easy going. Content simple but perfect for small children and it really targets stuff that interests them. It's great to encourage babies to start signing due to simplicity of signs and it's nice to meet other Mums in relaxed environment (Mar 2010)

Nicole and Jay, 3, and Amy, 15mths: Never heard of Sign2Music until friend recommended it. Cannot believe in 4 weeks how much my 3 year old can sign. My 15mth old can't sign but def understands the signs. See you next term! (Mar 2010)

Karen and Scarlett, 3, and Nicholas, 16mths: Lots of fun, children loved the puppets especially "Sandy". The bubbles are by far the favourite part! The well known tunes also mean that they are easily remembered (Mar 2010)

Susan and Annabel and Fraser: Great course, we have loved coming to class Annabel has def picked up a great deal (although sometimes you wouldn't know it in class). It's a great idea for birthday parties. Will hope to come again when Fraser is a little older. (Mar 2010)

Wendy and Anna, 4.5mths: Very good, relaxed format, good variety of songs and great CD. Alison is a great teacher, Anna loves this class! (Mar 2010)

Ruth and Kitty May, 7mths: Really enjoyable course, very interactive for mums and babies. Def good for babies development and mums to meet other mums (Mar 2010) 

Jamesina and Kitty, 8mths: I thought the course was brilliant. Very interactive with the shakers and puppets etc.. The songs are excellent, easy to pick up and then easier to remember the signs. I though it was really good fun and signing is a good way of communicating with your baby before they can talk fully (Mar 2010)

Jude, Freya's mum: We love toddler sign. It's Fab, so much fun but so good for them. I wish I'd managed to get her started sooner!! But I'm a big fan! Alison is great and really good fun with the kids. Freya has been signing away and talking like a champion since we started. Am really enjoying it!" (Feb 2010)

Sheena, Charlie's mum: My 2.5 year old son and I love "sound of music" (as my son calls it) on a saturday morning in bangor. Our teacher Alison is just THE BEST. I didn't know how much Charlie was picking up until I starting singing some of the songs and with out being prompted he started signing along as I sang! Alison you are doing a great job !!!!! (Feb 2010)

Gillian: I am on my second course with my almost 1 year old. He loves them, I love them, my husband also goes and loves them too. We go to the classes in Bangor with Alison and there is a wonderful relaxed atmosphere. My baby has just started signing, which is great, but the main reason we go to be honest is the the social aspect. Alison is a great teacher and really engages the babies and adults. The babies are free to roam around if they want which is great as there's no pressure for them to sit quietly on your knee. It's very interactive! My little boy loves the bubbles at the end and I love the coffee and chat at the end with the other parents while the babies play! I would thoroughly recommend these classes. (Jan 2010) 

Jessica, Holly's mum: We love baby signing! Very enjoyable classes for both my daughter and I. Fun, good songs and well structured classes. Very well prepared materials to take home too. Highly recommended! (Nov 2009)


Joanne, mum to Georgina 9mths:Georgia loves the music and its great learning new signs every week. Interesting for parents and kids. Fiona make it lots of fun but also very relaxed. Would recommend to others (June 2012)

Verity, mum to Lexie: Overall great class. My daughter is settling into class and loves it. No improvements needed. I would recommend to others (June 2012) 

Jennifer, mum to Evan 5mths: Thoughly enjoying the course and Evan responded well to songs and props. Fiona is very enthusiastic and is a great teacher. Evan and I really enjoy socalising after class. (June 2012)

Emma, mum to Ciaran, 11mths: Great opportunity to meet others. Super delivery and content of resources. Made to feel very welcome. Lots to learn good to see children engaged. Fun, lots to learn good for children and adults.(June 2012)

Brendan, dad to Leo: Great course very enjoyable. No improvements needed. Great for speech development. (June 2012)

Linda, Angus' mum: Great fun. Fiona has a great personality for delivering the performance and for keeping Angus interested. Signing helps others and educated the kids to others needs. (June 2012)

Laura, mum to Grace, 9mths: All parents and children really enjoy it. Wide variety of songs and signs. Fiona makes it great fun and is brilliant with the children. I would definitely recommend. My daughter is already signing for milk and enjoys all of the songs. (June 2012)

Saara, mum to Amelia, 6mths: Enjoyable for parents and children. Fiona is a brilliant teacher it includes everything that Millie needs to know. No improvements. Very helpful in understanding your child. (June 2012)

Joanne, mum to Rosie: Excellent. A great variety of music. All children were at different stages but all well engaged. All was super. Great confidence building and stimulating for children (June 2012)

Alison, mum to Harry, 5mths: Really love it. Lots of fun and really passionate about the baby signing. Already have recommended to others. (June 2012)

Joanne, mum to Noah, 9mths: Great course. Always felt very welcome. Fiona was great at going through songs and signs. All family members warmly welcomed. Babies had a ball. Puppets and materials great fun. Great for mums and babies. (June 2012)

Fiona, mum to Sophie, 20mths: Fun, relevant, interactive. Children have freedom to dance, play around. Sometimes hard as adult to pick up learn signs (June 2012)

Tim, dad to Ariana, 16mths: Excellent delivery. Fiona is very welcoming and inclusive. Her enthusiasm helps children and adults to participate. Content and pace of class is appropriate for different ages. Visual. Puppets, etc add to the experience. No improvements. Sign2Music is a great way for parent and child to meet new people, enjoy a fun sing song and learn new skills. (June 2012)

Debbie, mum to Emily 16mths: Very enthusiastic teacher. Love the puppets very good fun. No improvements. Yes its great fun and great for babies to learn. (June 2012)

Joanne, mum to Emma 7mths: Very enjoyable Fiona is enthusiastic and this really adds to the class. Would recommend. (June 2012)

Steph, mum to Ruairi, 16mths: Fantastic content , perfect delivery very friendly atmosphere and relaxed. Love the social part after class would recommend to anyone with young kids. Much better than another local music class I attended. (June 2012)

Jane, mum to Ethan, 6mths: Well run. Very enthusiastic teacher. Run at a suitable knowledge level and speed for the age of children in class. Have recommended to others. Fun for children but also a learning opportunity for parents. (June 2012)

Colin, uncle to Katie, 7mths: We had a fantastic time at class this morning, Katie loved it & Fiona was absolutely wonderful, can't wait to next week now :-)

Excellent class. Good craic. (June 2012)
Tracey, mum to Lydia 6 mths: Very good. Well delivered and enjoyable. Good mix of content, songs & signs. I hope to have it in my Nursery School, as it would be very useful for my 3 & 4 yr old pupils (Dec 2012)
Tim, dad to Arianna: Sign2Music has given my daughter a great way of communicating with us, as she currently has very little speech. Content excellent for signing, which is useful for lots of situations. Trainer's enthusiasm is infectious and sets children at ease . Relevance relates well to everyday life of babies. Materials (puppets, etc) gave session good structure (Dec 2012)
Julie, mum to Evie and Jamie (6mths & 3 yrs): I have recommended this to many people as I really enjoy the class and my kids love it. I think the course is very well run. The kids and adults have a lot of fun while learning plenty of new signs every week and the content is always relevant and easy for the right age group (Dec 2012)
Joanne, mum to Georgia: Very enjoyable Georgia loves the music and has started to use some signs at home. Class never feels rushed but there is plenty packed in each week. Georgia really enjoys it and is good value for money (Dec 2012)
Lucy, mum to Spencer (20mths): Good range of materials. Very interactive. Most enjoyable, Spencer loves this class (Dec 2012)
Carolyn, mum to Matthew (20 mths): Really lovely, relaxed class. Fiona is great -very welcoming. Matthew loves it. Great to have a class on Saturday as my husband and I both work (Dec 2012)
Karen, mum to Katie (23 mths): Katie loved the music especially the nursery rhymes. Good variety (Dec 2012)
Emma, mum to Ciaran (16mths): Opportunities for child development, opportunities to meeting other parents! Good Fun. We're been coming to sign2music for 9 mths or so now. It's well organised, well delivered by an enthusiastic teacher. Ciaran loves it and has started to sign at home making it easier. I really enjoy the courses and its great that something is offered on a Saturday (Dec 2012)
Steph, mum to Ruairi (21mths): Fiona's personality lends itself extremely well for the delivery of this course as she is very bubbly & engages the children wonderfully. My daughter loves this course & is able to concentrate & participate fully. The content is fantastic & the songs are great (Dec 2012)
Anne, Grandmother to Brody (2yrs 6mths): The course is helpful to parents and children. I would recommend this course as I feel it helps babies and toddlers interact before speech is developed (Dec 2012)
Sarah, Mum to Daniel (2yrs 6mths): Brill really good course, enjoying every class. Daniel listens more which will help for going to nursery then school and good to meet new people both adults and children (Dec 2012)
Alison, Mum to Harry (20mths): Absolutely brilliant! Harry signing loads and far less frustrated. Fiona an excellent teacher and very good and clear signs. Have already recommended to others (Dec 2012)
Sarah, Mum to Lily-Lee: I am very happy with the course it's very good for the kids to learn signs to music. I would recommend because kids love it and its good for them for the future (Dec 2012)
Aideen, Mum to Sophia(2yrs) & James (8mths): This is only my second week but I have been very impressed with Fiona's teaching style and enthusiastic presentation. She makes signing fun! (Dec 2012)
Joe, Dad to Rosie (16mths): Excellent Content, delivery, relevance & materials. Educational for child and parent (Dec 2012)
Natalie, Mum to Daisy (23mths) & Lily (11mths): Very interactive. Keeps babies engaged and involved throughout class. Helps communication with your baby and makes them more content. I've recommended it to my sister who also thinks its very beneficial (Dec 2012)
Joanne, Mum to Noah (12mths): Very enjoyable, friendly and user friendly. Easy to follow very interactive (Dec 2012)
Caroline, Mum to Alphie (8mths): The course content was very relevant to babies routine and was delivered very professionally. We both really enjoyed the class. I feel it will be more beneficial as Alfie gets older to enable us to communicate (Dec 2012) 
Mary-Jo, Mum to Maia: We were very happy with the content and delivery of the class. Maia loved it and caught on to the signs fairly quickly so the classes very effective. Handbook very helpful for jogging the memory. I have recommended and will do so in future, having seen how well Maia developed using signs (Dec 2012)
Jacqui, Mum to Sebastian (5mths): Very good, Fiona was great. Enthusiastic and great fun (Dec 2012)

Nic, Riley's mum: Happy Birthday Sign2Music!! Riley and I love going to the class in coleraine! Emma is fantastic!! (May 2011)

We love Sign2Music!!!! My little girl Riley is now 18 months and she has taken to it really well. She knows lots of signs and really enjoys the saturday morning group. I really think her speech has developed since we started the class as well. We have the cd in the car and Riley signs and sings along to it!! I am so glad we signed up for it! (April 2011)

Heather, Shawna's mum: Sign2Music is fantastic! Shawna took to signing really quickly and she knows loads already. We love our Saturday mornings and getting together with the group. The CD is great too as we can sign and practice through the week. On a break now until the new term starts in May and we really miss it! (April 2011)

Shawna and I absolutely love Sign2music! It's fun and educational (for the mum's too)! We can't wait until Saturdays now! (Mar 2011)

Tracey: Classes are brilliant.... My wee girl just sits and takes it all in... She loves the songs that use the bubbles and the parachute... Giggles and laughs whole way through those... Emma the teacher is fantastic...xx (Mar 2011)

Natalie & Matilda, 13 months: Maltilda is now able to ask for milk or food and that helps to diffuse many tantrums! - Great (Sept 2009)

Joy & Adrian, 18 months: Really good fun. A good start to signing in a fun way. Definitely helped with frustration - Adrian will sign 'help' when a game or toy is not going right (Sept 2009)

Tracy & Abbie, 22 months: I thought the course was a wonderful opportunity for me and Abbie to do something together. We enjoyed it and had great fun (Sept 2009)

Stephanie & Hannah, 16 weeks: Great content - Hannah really enjoyed the classes (Sept 2009)

Karen & Tom, 15 months: Really good, enjoyed the format of the classes. Materials excellent - loved the puppets! (Sept 2009)


Diane, Ben's mun: Fantastic, this is something fun to do with your baby/child. We enjoyed each week and have been trying to do the signs at home! Ben loves the songs! He understands the stop sign. I try to do this if he goes to do anything he shouldn't like pulling the washing out of the basket! (May, 2016)

Leona, Tomás and Páidí's mum: I really enjoyed this class, Jennifer was a excellent leader and made it all fun for the kids. My 3 year old loved going every week and Jennifer even had a birthday cake for him and we signed to Happy Birthday, which Tomás was just delighted with.The content covered in the class was excellent and I would definitely recommend the classes to other Parents.  I loved the way in which Jennifer made the class all about the kids, kids routines and made you feel very welcome there. The content covered was perfect for the ages group of the class too.  Sign language is a brilliant language to learn and the fact that my boys love Mr Tumble I can now see them signing along with him at home. I try to use sign language every day (when I remember) and I can see the children picking it up. I have a 5 year old who didn't attend the class but he has picked it up and has told me he is "teaching it to his friends in school". He often asks me what the sign for other words is too - so I must look into learning some more words  (May, 2016)

Claire, Jessica's mum: Jessica and I both loved Jennifer's class. We loved the rhymes, they helped us to learn the signs easily. We would definitely go back to another class. Jennifer is a very patient and confident teacher. The favourite was the parachute song, kids loved it. Also using puppets helped kids interact.  Jessica will do some signs at home if I prompt her but she will not do them on her own. She remembers some of the signs herself with no prompting.  (May, 2016)

Kimberley, Charlie's mum: Jennifer is a brilliant teacher. Worked so well with all of the kids and kept them interested at all times. Such a gentle way but still the children followed her throughout. Even when it came to putting the props away the kids all wanted to help and give everything back. Jennifer is a born teacher and kids adore her! Excellent, such a lovely class and good for any child to learn the basics.  Charlie likes to show others some of the signs he has learnt. He will just use a sign out of the blue. In class he is quite shy but shows all when he gets home. (May, 2016)


Dawn, Emily's mum: My daughter Emily has been going to Sign2Music classes since she was just 4 months old, we are currently at our second set of classes with Stephannie Hanna  in Comber. Today Emily is 9 mths and 1 day old and showed us her first sign. As her daddy and I were talking about her bath and putting her to bed, Emily started signing "bath", when I noticed it I asked her "do you want a bath, show daddy bath..." and she signed it again. We were beside ourselves with excitement. I never expected her to pick it up so early and it was great to see her looking so happy that she had communicated with us and generated such a positive reaction to what she had done. She continued to sign "bath" right up until she actually got into the bath. It’s an amazing feeling to watch your baby learning something that can seem so foreign to us as grownups but is so natural to them. We love going to class with Steph and really enjoy learning to sign together. I'm such a proud mummy right now. (Oct 2011)

Lisa, Amelie's mum: One amazing class... Amelie gets so excited every Saturday. More seems to be her favourite sign - but she is learning more every week and starting to tell us these at home. Thanks so much for making our Saturday morning fun, educational and entertaining! We both love it! (Oct 2011)


Christine: I have recently attended 2 of Bahia's classes and I am just about to start a 6 week course with my 1 year old daughter Darcy.  She has already enjoyed the first 2 classes so much that I booked Bahia for her birthday party on Sunday past.  It was a huge success.  The toddlers as well as some of the older kids enjoyed it lots and lots.  She is just brilliant, so animated and involved with the story in the songs.  Some of my friends have already been doing her class for a while and they have said that their babies can now communicate through some of the basic signs, for example, the sign for bath time of food.  I cant wait to see Darcy's face tomorrow...thanks Bahia for a super party (Nov 2011)

Samantha, Tom and Lucy's mum: My two children go to the North Belfast classes. Tom is 10 months and Lucy is nearly five but both get so much out of it and it really is my favorite activity of the week.Bahia is brilliant and the class is always so inventive. Totally recommend (April 2011)

Orlaith: Love Love Love this!!! Cant wait for the new North Belfast class to start back again. My wee man may not be able to sign that much yet, but he definitely understands more. He now doesnt cry when I put the hairdryer on because he understands when I make the sign for "Loud" :) (April 2011)

Oonagh: I have a signing baby! Milk and bath, consistently and relevantly all week-woo hoo! (Mar 2011)

Katrina: Olivia's first sign was 'bath' and then there was an explosion! She can now sign 'milk, pig' (oink oink I'm a little pig) and just yesterday was doing something with her hands. I couldn't understand what it was then realised...it was 'change nappy'. Olivia does it naturally as if it's what she does it's amazing that children at such a young age can communicate with more than crying! I highly recommend sign2music! Thanks Deirdre and Bahia x (Nov 2011)

LinkedIn Recommenations

Jim Masson, Managing Director, Down News Ltd: I have known Deirdre for two years and she has an irrepressible drive to make Sign2Music succeed. She is a great multi-tasker and a whiz at social media. Her core business idea centred around signing for children is a fun idea but it has a very significant and well researched academic and professional base which offers huge benefits to children. A great business idea which has to grow. (August 4, 2011)

Brenda Devitt, BSL Interpreter,Communicating Hands: What I admire about Deirdre is her knowledge and dedication to her work. I highly recommend any parent, educator or child care professional that requires training in her field of expertise, to use her professional service, you won't be disappointed (July 25, 2011)

Jacqueline Irvine, Owner, Gorgeous Eco Baby: I would recommend Sign2Music as a revolutionary and fun approach to helping babies, toddlers and children communicate and learn, using signs This innovative business is run and owned by Deirdre Mc Laughlin, a talented business woman who clearly has an entrepreneurial spirit and I wish her success (July 26, 2011) 

Mags Byrne, Director, Digimumsni Ltd. (business partner): Deirdre is an exceptionally innovative business mum. Through her award winning Sign2Music programme, Deirdre has demonstrated that with a great idea, passion and drive, it's possible to create a successful business that works around you and the family. Deirdre is an inspiration to all mums who would like to set up in business. (August 1, 2011)

Bill McCartney, Net4wiseowls: Deirdre is an inspirational leader who has built a very successful business Sign2Music. She is a self starter, and has an entrepreneurial approach. I have been impressed with Deirdre's use of social media. It has been a pleasure working with Deirdre and her team on their social media strategy. (July 31, 2011)

Paula Cox, Owner, Sunnysigners: I am constantly blown away by Deirdre's drive, determination and success at bringing baby signing to the mums of Northern Ireland. Sign2Music was Northern Ireland's first baby signing company Deirdre has built a team that continues to go from strength to strength. (August 4, 2011)