About Sign2Music

Sign2Music is the first Northern Ireland based 'baby signing' organisation. We aim to promote the use of signing with children using regional NI British Sign Language (BSL) signs, in an enjoyable and fun way!!  


1. Our programmes are an enriched developmental and bonding experience, with a big sprinkling of fun!!! Everything we do aims to enhance children's development and relationship with parents, carers and/or teachers. We use LOADS of music, puppets and props to make this an enjoyable experience for all!

2. Programmes are specifically designed for and influenced by Northern Ireland families, child care professionals and schools. 

3. Our classes, workshops and other lesson plans have all been fine tuned over the past number of years based on feedback from parents and other service users. We feel that this continual evaluation and feedback results in high quality programmes. This is borne out by the excellent feedback we continue to receive from service users.

4. Unlike many other children's classes there is no need to spend more after you pay for our classes. All families who attend our classes or workshops receive a free Sign2Music handbook. This is an excellent resource, enabling you to continue signing at home. It contains information about all topics discussed in class. It also includes high quality sign and song sheets for each class. It is a fantastic free resource that parents find really useful. We also provide materials as part of many programmes for schools, preschools and nurseries.

5. Our class venues are all booked for a minimum of 1hr and 15mins. This enables us to facilitate a 45 min session and have time remaining for refreshments and social interaction. After the session the children play with the toys provided while listening to music or playing with their new friends. This allows parents time to relax and chat to others with a drink and snack provided by us!

6. Sign2Music have excellent teachers, who are carefully selected, based on relevant experience, skills, qualities and values. All teachers have sign language training and AccessNI checks. Teachers undergo a rigorous selection process and are trained by Sign2Music to a high standard. They have ongoing support, including an annual conference to further enhance the quality of service we provide.