Staff training

Sign2Music Nursery /Childcare Training Programme introduces your staff to the benefits of signing and shows you how to incorporate it into your existing programmes in a fun way.

During a 3 - 4 hour staff training workshop, we will explain how to effectively introduce signs into your setting. The whys & hows of signing with children are discussed and demonstrated and over 100 signs learned. You learn how to sign lots of well-known songs as well as many new ones. You will receive copies of both Sign2Music CDs and a license to use these in your setting.  Multiple handouts and resources are also provided as well as follow up support.

This training can be arranged evenings  / weekends at your convenience. We also help you share the benefits of signing with parents and offer a parental workshop to bring parents on board. Many parents who attend our classes and are returning to work seek out nurseries who are affiliated with Sign2Music so their carers will understand their child. Feedback from participants who recently attended the training has been very positve.

Sign2Music Preschool / Foundation Stage Training Programme is for nursery, playgroups, pre school and Foundation Stage staff. This training is informative and fun. It explains the benefits of signing for preschool and Foundation stage children and supports staff to introduce signing within their environment. It shows how signing supports the Areas of Learning in the Curriculum. Staff learn signs for monthly themes as well as songs to introduce these themes.

An online version of both training programmes, with instructional videos, audios and downloads, is available for nurseries who are not based locally. Contact [email protected] for further information.


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