Suitable from birth - 2yrs, depending on individual circumstances. Weekly 1 hour theme-based classes run for 10 weeks. During this time, you learn more than 100 signs, using songs, rhymes, music, stories, puppets and developmentally appropriate activities. The songs, games and activities last for approx 45 mins, then there is an opportunity for a cuppa and a chat, while the children play. 


Suitable for those that have attended wrigglers classes or for older children (from approx 18 months). It helps children further develop their signed vocabulary and understand concepts such as colours, numbers and letters. 

There are no hidden costs, your FREE Sign2Music Handbook with all the resources needed to continue signing at home is included in the price.

Many parents purchase our Sign2Music Vol. 1 CD with songs used in our sessions now available from your teacher or our shop.

Why not purchase a gift voucher as a gift? These can be redeemed against a term of classes or birthday party

Classes are open to all. Children with hearing impairments, or disabilities, particularly those affecting their ability to communicate, are welcome to attend classes.

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Bangor, Church of the Nazarene, 1 Rathgill Glen, BT19 7TW



Wrigglers & Movers

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Bangor, Church of the Nazarene, 1 Rathgill Glen, BT19 7TW Fri  10.30am Wrigglers & Movers [email protected] 

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Hillsborough Village Centre, 7 Ballynahinch Road, Hillsborough, BT26 6AR


 9.30am Wrigglers & Movers [email protected]  Book now

Saintfield Community Centre, 29 Belfast Road, Saintfield, BT24 7EP

Mon 2pm

Wrigglers & Movers

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Saintfield Community Centre, 29 Belfast Road, Saintfield, BT24 7EP Sat 10am Wrigglers & Movers [email protected]   

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Moneymore, 4a Cranny Ln, Magherafelt BT45 7RQ Mon- Fri    10am Blooming Kids NI [email protected]

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Free presentations last for approx 45 minutes. They give a basic introduction to the concept of using signs with preverbal infants and an opportunity to sign up for classes and workshops.

If you are involved in a group and would like a free presentation please contact your local teacher.


It is best to start signing as soon as you can, although it is never too late to start. You are welcome to bring your child to Sign 2 Music classes from birth. Babies do enjoy the music and some of the activities, but in the early months the classes will mainly benefits the parent / carer. The optimum age to start classes is 5-6 months, as this is when babies really start to participate in classes and are developing the physically capability to sign. They are beginning to sit up and take notice and this is when you will need to increase your signed vocabulary!

Many parents wish to start signing with their little ones at home, but wait a few months before attending classes so their little one can fully participate and they really get value for money! 

If you register up to 6 months in advance for classes you are welcome to take advantage of our FREE STARTER WORKSHOP and receive your FREE STARTER PACK, including starter signs, handy hints and information to allow you to start signing at home in the meantime!

If you are interested in attending the next workshop please contact your local teacher.