Steph's Testimonials

Dawn, Emily's mum: My daughter Emily has been going to Sign2Music classes since she was just 4 months old, we are currently at our second set of classes with Stephannie Hanna  in Comber. Today Emily is 9 mths and 1 day old and showed us her first sign. As her daddy and I were talking about her bath and putting her to bed, Emily started signing "bath", when I noticed it I asked her "do you want a bath, show daddy bath..." and she signed it again. We were beside ourselves with excitement. I never expected her to pick it up so early and it was great to see her looking so happy that she had communicated with us and generated such a positive reaction to what she had done. She continued to sign "bath" right up until she actually got into the bath. It’s an amazing feeling to watch your baby learning something that can seem so foreign to us as grownups but is so natural to them. We love going to class with Steph and really enjoy learning to sign together. I'm such a proud mummy right now. (Oct 2011)

Lisa, Amelie's mum: One amazing class... Amelie gets so excited every Saturday. More seems to be her favourite sign - but she is learning more every week and starting to tell us these at home. Thanks so much for making our Saturday morning fun, educational and entertaining! We both love it! (Oct 2011)