Evaluation Signing4Childcare

"I would just like to say that last nights course was extremely informative and enjoyable. Signing is something that I knew nothing about and only after attending your training do I now understand the importance of signing to children of all ages and the impact that this can have on all aspects of their development. We covered a lot of interesting information and joining in the activities was great fun. I feel that I have learned a new skill; all I need to do is to keep practicing. The course content, delivery, relevance and materials that you used were excellent. I wasn’t concerned at all about the small room as sometimes as a trainer the venue you have to deliver in isn’t ideal but you have to make the best of what you’ve got, which you did. The training was very clear to understand and you delivered it in a very informal and fun way. That’s why we were all keen to stay longer. I feel that any childcare practitioner or parent should know about the benefits of signing and understand that by introducing simple signs in their daily routine they can make a huge difference to all aspects of a child’s development. The course was so much fun but also had a serious element to it which was put across in a very informative manner. This course should be mandatory for all early years practitioners and parents!"

(Susan, Trainer for NICMA, Sept 2012)


"Course content very interesting and relevant and delivery was relaxed and fun but covered all the relevant issues. I would definitely use information and activities gained on this course in future training for childminders to encourage them to think of promoting signing in their own settings even if they just started signing during songs etc and then learnt more about signing for themselves."

(Maeve, Trainer for NICMA, Sept 2012)