Fiona's Testimonials

Joanne, mum to Georgina 9mths:Georgia loves the music and its great learning new signs every week. Interesting for parents and kids. Fiona make it lots of fun but also very relaxed. Would recommend to others (June 2012)

Verity, mum to Lexie: Overall great class. My daughter is settling into class and loves it. No improvements needed. I would recommend to others (June 2012)

Jennifer, mum to Evan 5mths: Thoughly enjoying the course and Evan responded well to songs and props. Fiona is very enthusiastic and is a great teacher. Evan and I really enjoy socalising after class. (June 2012)

Emma, mum to Ciaran, 11mths: Great opportunity to meet others. Super delivery and content of resources. Made to feel very welcome. Lots to learn good to see children engaged. Fun, lots to learn good for children and adults.(June 2012)

Brendan, dad to Leo: Great course very enjoyable. No improvements needed. Great for speech development. (June 2012)

Linda, Angus' mum: Great fun. Fiona has a great personality for delivering the performance and for keeping Angus interested. Signing helps others and educated the kids to others needs. (June 2012)

Laura, mum to Grace, 9mths: All parents and children really enjoy it. Wide variety of songs and signs. Fiona makes it great fun and is brilliant with the children. I would definitely recommend. My daughter is already signing for milk and enjoys all of the songs. (June 2012)

Saara, mum to Amelia, 6mths: Enjoyable for parents and children. Fiona is a brilliant teacher it includes everything that Millie needs to know. No improvements. Very helpful in understanding your child. (June 2012)

Joanne, mum to Rosie: Excellent. A great variety of music. All children were at different stages but all well engaged. All was super. Great confidence building and stimulating for children (June 2012)

Alison, mum to Harry, 5mths: Really love it. Lots of fun and really passionate about the baby signing. Already have recommended to others. (June 2012)

Joanne, mum to Noah, 9mths: Great course. Always felt very welcome. Fiona was great at going through songs and signs. All family members warmly welcomed. Babies had a ball. Puppets and materials great fun. Great for mums and babies. (June 2012)

Fiona, mum to Sophie, 20mths: Fun, relevant, interactive. Children have freedom to dance, play around. Sometimes hard as adult to pick up learn signs (June 2012)

Tim, dad to Ariana, 16mths: Excellent delivery. Fiona is very welcoming and inclusive. Her enthusiasm helps children and adults to participate. Content and pace of class is appropriate for different ages. Visual. Puppets, etc add to the experience. No improvements. Sign2Music is a great way for parent and child to meet new people, enjoy a fun sing song and learn new skills. (June 2012)

Debbie, mum to Emily 16mths: Very enthusiastic teacher. Love the puppets very good fun. No improvements. Yes its great fun and great for babies to learn. (June 2012)

Joanne, mum to Emma 7mths: Very enjoyable Fiona is enthusiastic and this really adds to the class. Would recommend. (June 2012)

Steph, mum to Ruairi, 16mths: Fantastic content , perfect delivery very friendly atmosphere and relaxed. Love the social part after class would recommend to anyone with young kids. Much better than another local music class I attended. (June 2012)

Jane, mum to Ethan, 6mths: Well run. Very enthusiastic teacher. Run at a suitable knowledge level and speed for the age of children in class. Have recommended to others. Fun for children but also a learning opportunity for parents. (June 2012)

Colin, uncle to Katie, 7mths: We had a fantastic time at class this morning, Katie loved it & Fiona was absolutely wonderful, can't wait to next week now :-)

Excellent class. Good craic. (June 2012)
Tracey, mum to Lydia 6 mths: Very good. Well delivered and enjoyable. Good mix of content, songs & signs. I hope to have it in my Nursery School, as it would be very useful for my 3 & 4 yr old pupils (Dec 2012)
Tim, dad to Arianna: Sign2Music has given my daughter a great way of communicating with us, as she currently has very little speech. Content excellent for signing, which is useful for lots of situations. Trainer's enthusiasm is infectious and sets children at ease . Relevance relates well to everyday life of babies. Materials (puppets, etc) gave session good structure (Dec 2012)
Julie, mum to Evie and Jamie (6mths & 3 yrs): I have recommended this to many people as I really enjoy the class and my kids love it. I think the course is very well run. The kids and adults have a lot of fun while learning plenty of new signs every week and the content is always relevant and easy for the right age group (Dec 2012)
Joanne, mum to Georgia: Very enjoyable Georgia loves the music and has started to use some signs at home. Class never feels rushed but there is plenty packed in each week. Georgia really enjoys it and is good value for money (Dec 2012)
Lucy, mum to Spencer (20mths): Good range of materials. Very interactive. Most enjoyable, Spencer loves this class (Dec 2012)
Carolyn, mum to Matthew (20 mths): Really lovely, relaxed class. Fiona is great -very welcoming. Matthew loves it. Great to have a class on Saturday as my husband and I both work (Dec 2012)
Karen, mum to Katie (23 mths): Katie loved the music especially the nursery rhymes. Good variety (Dec 2012)
Emma, mum to Ciaran (16mths): Opportunities for child development, opportunities to meeting other parents! Good Fun. We're been coming to sign2music for 9 mths or so now. It's well organised, well delivered by an enthusiastic teacher. Ciaran loves it and has started to sign at home making it easier. I really enjoy the courses and its great that something is offered on a Saturday (Dec 2012)
Steph, mum to Ruairi (21mths): Fiona's personality lends itself extremely well for the delivery of this course as she is very bubbly & engages the children wonderfully. My daughter loves this course & is able to concentrate & participate fully. The content is fantastic & the songs are great (Dec 2012)
Anne, Grandmother to Brody (2yrs 6mths): The course is helpful to parents and children. I would recommend this course as I feel it helps babies and toddlers interact before speech is developed (Dec 2012)
Sarah, Mum to Daniel (2yrs 6mths): Brill really good course, enjoying every class. Daniel listens more which will help for going to nursery then school and good to meet new people both adults and children (Dec 2012)
Alison, Mum to Harry (20mths): Absolutely brilliant! Harry signing loads and far less frustrated. Fiona an excellent teacher and very good and clear signs. Have already recommended to others (Dec 2012)
Sarah, Mum to Lily-Lee: I am very happy with the course it's very good for the kids to learn signs to music. I would recommend because kids love it and its good for them for the future (Dec 2012)
Aideen, Mum to Sophia(2yrs) & James (8mths): This is only my second week but I have been very impressed with Fiona's teaching style and enthusiastic presentation. She makes signing fun! (Dec 2012)
Joe, Dad to Rosie (16mths): Excellent Content, delivery, relevance & materials. Educational for child and parent (Dec 2012)
Natalie, Mum to Daisy (23mths) & Lily (11mths): Very interactive. Keeps babies engaged and involved throughout class. Helps communication with your baby and makes them more content. I've recommended it to my sister who also thinks its very beneficial (Dec 2012)
Joanne, Mum to Noah (12mths): Very enjoyable, friendly and user friendly. Easy to follow very interactive (Dec 2012)
Caroline, Mum to Alphie (8mths): The course content was very relevant to babies routine and was delivered very professionally. We both really enjoyed the class. I feel it will be more beneficial as Alfie gets older to enable us to communicate (Dec 2012)
Mary-Jo, Mum to Maia: We were very happy with the content and delivery of the class. Maia loved it and caught on to the signs fairly quickly so the classes very effective. Handbook very helpful for jogging the memory. I have recommended and will do so in future, having seen how well Maia developed using signs (Dec 2012)
Jacqui, Mum to Sebastian (5mths): Very good, Fiona was great. Enthusiastic and great fun (Dec 2012)