About Fiona

Hello everyone, I'm Fiona your Sign2Music teacher for Lisburn. I am married to Martin and mummy to a little girl called Faye and twins boys Samuel & Jayden I have been signing with them since there where born there recognise signs plus there sign back. Since I started signing with my daughter her speech & confidence has improved greatly.

Before training as a Sign2Music teacher I worked in nursery schools and am qualified to NVQ 2. I love working with children, probably because I am a little crazy myself! I had been looking for a job and stumbled upon Sign2Music. It sounded fantastic so I decided to see for myself what it was like. I brought Faye to a Sign2Music class and thought 'this is definitely for me'! Faye loved it too and within a few weeks of attending classes I started to see her confidence grow, as she had been quite a shy child. Her confidence has continued to improve and once she picked up the signs her speech blossomed also. I really enjoyed my training and am absolutely loving my new 'job', which I feel is actually more like a fun way to spend the day! I look forward to meeting you all soon for some fun, music and lots more!