Emma's Testimonials

Nic, Riley's mum: Happy Birthday Sign2Music!! Riley and I love going to the class in coleraine! Emma is fantastic!! (May 2011)
We love Sign2Music!!!! My little girl Riley is now 18 months and she has taken to it really well. She knows lots of signs and really enjoys the saturday morning group. I really think her speech has developed since we started the class as well. We have the cd in the car and Riley signs and sings along to it!! I am so glad we signed up for it! (April 2011)

Heather, Shawna's mum: Sign2Music is fantastic! Shawna took to signing really quickly and she knows loads already. We love our Saturday mornings and getting together with the group. The CD is great too as we can sign and practice through the week. On a break now until the new term starts in May and we really miss it! (April 2011)

Shawna and I absolutely love Sign2music! It's fun and educational (for the mum's too)! We can't wait until Saturdays now! (Mar 2011)

Tracey: Classes are brilliant.... My wee girl just sits and takes it all in... She loves the songs that use the bubbles and the parachute... Giggles and laughs whole way through those... Emma the teacher is fantastic...xx (Mar 2011)

Natalie & Matilda, 13 months: Maltilda is now able to ask for milk or food and that helps to diffuse many tantrums! - Great (Sept 2009)

Joy & Adrian, 18 months: Really good fun. A good start to signing in a fun way. Definitely helped with frustration - Adrian will sign 'help' when a game or toy is not going right (Sept 2009)

Tracy & Abbie, 22 months: I thought the course was a wondeful opportunity for me and Abbie to do something together. We enjoyed it and had great fun (Sept 2009)

Stephanie & Hannah, 16 weeks: Great content - Hannah really enjoyed the classes (Sept 2009)

Karen & Tom, 15 months: Really good, enjoyed the format of the classes. Materials excellent - loved the puppets! (Sept 2009)