Bahia's Testimonials

Christine: I have recently attended 2 of Bahia's classes and I am just about to start a 6 week course with my 1 year old daughter Darcy.  She has already enjoyed the first 2 classes so much that I booked Bahia for her birthday party on Sunday past.  It was a huge success.  The toddlers as well as some of the older kids enjoyed it lots and lots.  She is just brilliant, so animated and involved with the story in the songs.  Some of my friends have already been doing her class for a while and they have said that their babies can now communicate through some of the basic signs, for example, the sign for bath time of food.  I cant wait to see Darcy's face tomorrow...thanks Bahia for a super party (Nov 2011)

Samantha, Tom and Lucy's mum: My two children go to the North Belfast classes. Tom is 10 months and Lucy is nearly five but both get so much out of it and it really is my favorite activity of the week.Bahia is brilliant and the class is always so inventive. Totally recommend (April 2011)

Orlaith: Love Love Love this!!! Cant wait for the new North Belfast class to start back again. My wee man may not be able to sign that much yet, but he definitely understands more. He now doesnt cry when I put the hairdryer on because he understands when I make the sign for "Loud" :) (April 2011)

Oonagh: I have a signing baby! Milk and bath, consistently and relevantly all week-woo hoo! (Mar 2011)

Katrina: Olivia's first sign was 'bath' and then there was an explosion! She can now sign 'milk, pig' (oink oink I'm a little pig) and just yesterday was doing something with her hands. I couldn't understand what it was then was 'change nappy'. Olivia does it naturally as if it's what she does it's amazing that children at such a young age can communicate with more than crying! I highly recommend sign2music! Thanks Deirdre and Bahia x (Nov 2011)