Alison's Testimonials

Nikki & K: Just been to a great Sign2Music session with Alison (at Snakes n Ladders). Well run with great songs. And managed to keep a bunch of toddlers under control! Brought it all back, ha ha! And baby K enjoyed it too. Think we'll be back! (October 2011)

Ashleigh, Charlotte and Alex's mum: I started coming to Sign2Music with my little girl Charlotte when she was about 6 months old and we are still going over 2 years later. I now bring along her baby brother Alex who has just turned 1 and both kids absolutely love it! Signing has been so beneficial and has really helped us communicate with both children from an early age. Charlotte now uses a lot of her early signs to communicate with Alex but we have found that she is now using her signing as she learns colours and her alphabet signs are really helping her with her phonics! The classes are great fun and keep the kids entertained! A great way to spend a Saturday morning. (May 2011)

A fantastic class for babies, toddlers and parents with wonderful puppets and props (including parachute and bubbles) that the kids all adore. Not only is the class itself great fun, learning to sign with both our children has proved to be a truly invaluable aid for commumication (Mar 2011)

Julie, Aimee's mum: A great fun class for kids and parents which we found extremely useful during the babbling stage - definitely a good aid to communication (Mar 2011)

Lisa: We have been attending the sign2music classes in Bangor with Alison Priddle. This is our first term and we are really enjoying the classes. I baught the vol 1 CD today and when I put it on to my amazement my 15 month started signing a few signs. Today was the first day I brought my 3 1/5 year old and she cant wait to go back. Since we came home all she has been doing is talking about the class and showing me all the signs learned today (Feb 2011)

Lynsey: I have one happy, sleepy, almost toddler after Bangor class today!! Great fun! (Feb 2011)

Sheena and Charlie, 2: I have friends with younger children who aren't speaking yet and I think they would find Sign2Music beneficial. Charlie and I both looked forward to our Sat morning class. It gave great ideas for songs and to sing to Charlie (Mar 2010)

Ruth and Ellie , 15mths: We really enjoyed the course! The course was very good, we have noticed Ellie using a lot more signs this term. At her 15 month assessment her health visitor commented on how good her communication skills were and Ellie "showed off" some signs. The Health Visitor asked about the course and was very impressed (Mar 2010)

Deborah and Erin, 20mths: I think all the children in the class as a group seem very articulate and have big characters which I think is due to being able to express themselves through sign (Mar 2010)

Claire and Beth, 16mths: Excellent course, really enjoyed it. Beth's signs have really taken off recently and she loves coming to the class, she's even started asking to come! Content is good and relevant to the age group and delivery is fun and enthusiastic. A great Saturday morning family time! I would def recommend. It is fun and beneficial. I can't believe how much they learn so quickly. Gives great ideas for songs and games for learning and playing at home! (Mar 2010)

Diana and Lauren, 20mths: Very entertaining. Easy to learn and lauren enjoyed it. lauren very quickly picked up signs and made communicating with her less stressful and fun (Mar 2010)

Loren and Jamie: Jamie really enjoys the singing and different activities throughout the class, content is def relevant to Jamies daily routine and it's lovely to see him starting to react in class and sign at home. It's also fun for adults too!! (Mar 2010)

Chris and Toby, 13 months: Excellent... Toby really enjoyed the classes, it's good for the babies to interact with others and they enjoy the singing/music. Any signing learnt is a bonus! (Mar 2010)

Glynis and Connie , 10mths: Connie has really enjoyed the music and interaction with the babies. Alison makes each class fun and interesting for both of us (Mar 2010)

Carolynn and Josh, 21 mths: Really enjoyed it. Josh didn't sign much in class, he was too busy enjoying the singing etc.. Delivery is great and easy going. Content simple but perfect for small children and it really targets stuff that interests them. It's great to encourage babies to start signing due to simplicity of signs and it's nice to meet other Mums in relaxed environment (Mar 2010)

Nicole and Jay, 3, and Amy, 15mths: Never heard of Sign2Music until friend recommended it. Cannot believe in 4 weeks how much my 3 year old can sign. My 15mth old can't sign but def understands the signs. See you next term! (Mar 2010)

Karen and Scarlett, 3, and Nicholas, 16mths: Lots of fun, children loved the puppets especially "Sandy". The bubbles are by far the favourite part! The well known tunes also mean that they are easily remembered (Mar 2010)

Susan and Annabel and Fraser: Great course, we have loved coming to class Annabel has def picked up a great deal (although sometimes you wouldn't know it in class). It's a great idea for birthday parties. Will hope to come again when Fraser is a little older. (Mar 2010)

Wendy and Anna, 4.5mths: Very good, relaxed format, good variety of songs and great CD. Alison is a great teacher, Anna loves this class! (Mar 2010)

Ruth and Kitty May, 7mths: Really enjoyable course, very interactive for mums and babies. Def good for babies development and mums to meet other mums (Mar 2010)

Jamesina and Kitty, 8mths: I thought the course was brilliant. Very interactive with the shakers and puppets etc.. The songs are excellent, easy to pick up and then easier to remember the signs. I though it was really good fun and signing is a good way of communicating with your baby before they can talk fully (Mar 2010)

Jude, Freya's mum: We love toddler sign. It's Fab, so much fun but so good for them. I wish I'd managed to get her started sooner!! But I'm a big fan! Alison is great and really good fun with the kids. Freya has been signing away and talking like a champion since we started. Am really enjoying it!" (Feb 2010)

Sheena, Charlie's mum: My 2.5 year old son and I love "sound of music" (as my son calls it) on a saturday morning in bangor. Our teacher Alison is just THE BEST. I didn't know how much Charlie was picking up until I starting singing some of the songs and with out being prompted he started signing along as I sang! Alison you are doing a great job !!!!! (Feb 2010)

Gillian: I am on my second course with my almost 1 year old. He loves them, I love them, my husband also goes and loves them too. We go to the classes in Bangor with Alison and there is a wonderful relaxed atmosphere. My baby has just started signing, which is great, but the main reason we go to be honest is the the social aspect. Alison is a great teacher and really engages the babies and adults. The babies are free to roam around if they want which is great as there's no pressure for them to sit quietly on your knee. It's very interactive! My little boy loves the bubbles at the end and I love the coffee and chat at the end with the other parents while the babies play! I would thoroughly recommend these classes. (Jan 2010)

Jessica, Holly's mum: We love baby signing! Very enjoyable classes for both my daughter and I. Fun, good songs and well structured classes. Very well prepared materials to take home too. Highly recommended! (Nov 2009)