Deirdre's Testimonials

Carly, James' Mum: I have absolutely loved the classes, its a highlight of the limited time james and I get (plus keeps me sane on the more frantic weekends), what you are doing is incredible and we are delighted to be a part of it, so thank you xxx (Feb 2012)

Ethna, Noah's Mum: Loved it and particularly enjoyed the songs! I have loved the signing experience with Noah and would love others to experience it with their children. Noah had his first sign about 8 mths and has had 2 more definite signs. (Dec 2011)

Liz, Eleanor's mum: We'd a great time and really enjoyed the atmosphere of the classes. Enjoyed seeing the babies growing up and developing, from starting to recognise the songs to signing and becoming familiar with the whole experience. It's a great way of helping your child to learn. I love the idea that young ones can communicate before they are able to talk, but signs aside my baby has learned things like where her head, hands and toes are, plus just enjoying the classes themselves, so it's a great all round experience. Deirdre is great and her relaxed and fun attitude make the classes even better. Ellie did a lot of babbling from the beginning (and ALWAYS laughs at me), signed 'Light' and 'Hat' about 2/3 of way through, and after the term finished has now also signed 'bird', and sort of signed 'more' and possibly 'eat'! (Dec 2011)

Marie, Caden's mum: Great class. Great learning & social interaction. Very enjoyable & easy going. Great pace & Caden loved it. I most enjoyed watching Caden when he was mesmerised by either Deirdre / sandy / daisy / bubbles! He signs 'more' when eating! Reacts when I play the CD or sing any of the songs to him. (Nov 2011)

Jessica, Holly's mum: Sign2Music is a fantastic class which my daughter and I attended from when she was 4 months old. Deirdre's incredible hard work and enthusiasm for teaching signing has paid off with the growth of this brilliant programme. The quality of the teaching and class materials are superb - I haven't attended a children's class yet that can compete. Nearly a year after attending our last class, my daughter still sings the songs and signs along. Signing Sandy & Daisy Doggy will always be an important part of my little ones development! (July 2011)

Excellent, very impressed. Good structure to the sessions, well thought out delivery and first class information and handouts. Very useful for both parents and children to learn signing, and delivered in a way that is fun to learn. Tea and buns at the end of class is also a nice thought! (Jun 2009)

Gillian, Eve's mum: I've been doing a few signs with Eve since she was about four months, we've also been going to Deirdre's class in lisburn this term and now eves signs are taking off!! she can tell me when she wants more of something, she also knows bird, dog , light and finished... the classes are brilliant fun, eve has a ball at them and its just great for her to socialise with other children! (Jun 2011)

Aideen, Olivia's mum: Olivia has thoroughly enjoyed her baby class and toddler class. The first time she signed at home was when she was going to sleep one night and signed 'I Love you' - After that she signed every day: Drink, toast, colours, home, sleep, light etc which solved an awful lot of frustration as we knew what she wanted quickly. Signing Sandy will always be Olivia's favourite (even if he has no socks!!) as she frequently sings the Sandy songs. The classes are tailored to the age range of the children attending with catchy songs and stories that can be enjoyed by all! Sign2Music relieves frustration between the child and parent / guardian which is a great help, especially in the middle of the night! A real pleasure to attend the classes which are always so carefully planned. Thank you! (Jun 2011)

Alison, Alex's mum: Really enjoyed the course. Alex definitely has learned a number of signs. He really loves coming to the class and is always looking for Daisy Doggy. The interaction between Deirdre and the children is brilliant. Thank you very much, we really had fun! (Jun 2011)

Sign to music really is the highlight of our week. My two year old son Alex gets so excited when signing Sandy and Daisy Doggy appears. He loves the interaction and stimulation from Deirdre, all the other children and the lively songs and stories. Every week there's a different theme which gives a lot of variety and keeps the children interested. Alex really does enjoy the games we play with the colourful parachute and loves to run around. Deirdre really makes such an effort to make the class enjoyable and fun not just for the little ones but for us moms too. Us moms always get a lovely cuppa and a chat which always sets us up! We absolutely love sign to music and couldn't recommend the class highly enough! (Feb 2012)

J and A, J's Parents: We found the course excellent. J loved meeting other children and we observed him developing and interacting as the weeks progressed. Lots of visual aids to stimulate the children’s interest & the classes were well planned & organised. It was good to have a booklet to look at the signs at home and to share them with other family members. I would really recommend the course to any young babies as they love the music and the social element is great for parents and children. (June 2011)

Paula, Ross's mum: We definitely want to come back! Out of all the classes and activities I take Ross to he enjoys yours the most - and I don't think it's just because of the buns! (Jun 2011)

Heather, Anna's mum: Not only do the kids have great fun and learn a new language, both parents and baby bond make new friends. This is an unbelievable and enjoyable experience once you go you cant wait to go back. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! (April 2011) Exciting fun educational friendly covers all the development skills and adds to them. Worth time and money as hearing/seeing your child express themselves with out having to struggle with the words is priceless! (Mar 2011)

Annette, Orlaidh's mum:  Sign2Music is an excellent class for babies and toddlers. My daughter loves to sit right at the front watching Deirdre, Sandy and Daisy taking it all in then having a signing explosion at home. It makes me so proud watching her communicate with sign and being able to understand each other has strengthened our bond. It's also great having my son be able to help teach her signs and sing with her!!

Another great class today. I can't believe how much Orlaidh is coming on with her signs. The other day she signed toast and said the word as well. Earlier I was looking at the facebook page and she spotted Sandy and did the sign for that then did the sign for nappy change. Then I asked her where Daisy dog was and she signed Dog with both hands on both legs lol. I'm so glad I found this class to bring her to!!! Thank you. You'll prob have us at ur class for a long time lol well for as long as you'll have us lol (Feb 2011)

Putting orlaidh in car after class she said "orlaidh had fun in signing sandy mummy" lol (June 2012)

Edel, Luke's mum: I'm from Newry and made the journey to Ballynahinch for 2 terms on a saturday morning from Luke was about 7 months old. Both me and him loved it and he has picked up loads of signs. My husband now takes him to the Tuesday Lisburn class. (Jun 2011)

We love sign 2 music soo much. Luke picked up signing very early on and has so much fun at Deirdre's classes as does his mummy and daddy. Can't wait for next term to start! (April 2011)

We love our trip to Ballynahinch every Saturday for sign2music. By far the most enjoyable , educational and friendly class we have been to and the signing rewards at home just make me so proud and Luke so pleased with himself. (Mar 2011) We love your classes so far and Luke loves the CD. we've only done 2 classes and already he is clapping appropriately and he loves Polly the Dolly song!! and I sing it all day! (Oct 2010)

Elaine, Richard and Joseph's mum: Just have to thank you Deirdre for coming to Joseph's party today and bringing Signing Sandy and Daisy Dog along... Everyone had a ball even my brother in law was talking about it - Think my family thought I exaggerated about the classes being so good until they seen it for themselves. One of my friends asked if there were any classes in Belfast?

Aside from the party this is our third term attending your classes, I attended intially hoping it would help Joseph (now 4) with his speech and communication but we have got so much more out of it... Joseph's speech and confidence have developed so much and the frustration he would have had is disappearing, and Richard can do so many signs (his favourite being NO) and he is only 16 months. I have to say I wish that I had known about the classes when Joseph was six months but better late than never. The classes are enjoyable, and a good way to meet other parents and spend quality time with your children. Thanks x (Sept 2010)

Enjoyed the classes. I felt it really has helped my eldest child with confidence and speech. Very enjoyable. Helps with speech, social skills and get to meet other parents with children of a similar age (Mar 2010)

Wendy, Emma's mum: My daughter Emma loved both the baby and toddler classes - i think it really helped with her speech development but most of all she loved the songs, the musical instruments and the really laid back and non-pressurised environment of the class - would definitely recommend this class! (Nov 2009)

Lisa and Brian, Danu's parents: Course content is exceptional and the delivery fantastic. This has helped understand the needs of Danu and improved her quality of communication, especially at 5am! Just keep being as great as this:) (Jun 2009)

Margaret, Zack's mum: I attended Deirdres class with my little one when he was 9 months old, the classes were wonderful really good fun. Little Zack is now 19 months old and using lots of signs, it certainly makes life a lot easier as we don't have the frustrations which come from him not being understood. I thoroughly recommend Deirdres classes, they are amazing and I learnt loads as well! (Jun 2009)

Helen, Dylan's mum: Brilliant, even the second time around and we have already signed up for the next class (Jun 2009)

Deborah, Erin's mum: Erin really enjoyed the songs, instruments and interaction with other children and it kept her engaged for the whole class. The use of puppets to signal the start and end is very good and putting the songs to popular tunes is brilliant (Jun 2009)

Paul & Ann, Daire and Fionn's parents: Great fun to have with your child with a real tangible benefit in parent child communication. A good social outlet for parents and children alike. (July 2011)

Very good, a consistent level of repeatability of songs. Sang many of the songs at home. Music is a great help to the songs as you are more inclined to sing with background music. Fun -  a good way for kids to meet other kids and parents to meet other parents (Jun 2009)

Fiona, Tara's mum: Excellent presentation / content. Thoroughly enjoyable and amazing how babies can pick up so quickly (Jun 2009)

Diane and Greg, Abi's parents: Very hard to better this - all great. Fun, relaxed, very enjoyable. Starter pack great, themes each week very good, songs a fun way to learn. Abi and we really enjoyed and looked forward to each class (Jun 2009)

Judith, Harrison's mum: The delivery, relevance and materials used were very good. It's lovely to see them interacting with teacher and children of various ages (Jun 2009)

Gill, George's mum: Very good. Good build up of words used and summaries of the previous class helpful (Jun 2009)

Diane, Lottie's mum: I just had to write what a fantastic time my 2 year old daughter Lottie and her friends had on Saturday during her Sign To Music Themed Party. Deidre was exceptional !! As a Nursery School owner, I have used many performers and companies, but Deidre outshone them. My husband said "even better than signing hands on mr Tumble's Something Special". The joy on the childrens' faces was just amazing! Will definitely use again, don't miss out ! (April 2009)

Angela, Mateya’s mum: Excellently structured, resources are brilliant and Deirdre is great – huge amount of energy and clearly thinks carefully about the course. Course was excellent and combined extremely well elements of play, learning, music and free play. The resources such as Daisy Dog and Signing Sandy and the bubbles were really good and the theory and worksheets at each session really helped to remember what was learned. I also attended another class and the Sign 2 Music class was longer, much better quality and included resources to take away. I’d definitely recommend this course. (Dec 2008)

Catherine, Leo's mum: Leo has gone from the baby class where he used a couple of signs (eg more) but with an understanding of a lot more signs to the toddler class where he consistently uses more signs such as please, thank you, yes, dirty nappy , all gone etc and is beginning to use more words. His understanding of what I’m saying is greater than what I remember from my other children at this age. I myself have enjoyed the learning. (Jun 2009)

Lynne, Lexie's mum: Great for mummy and baby. Fab for communication development. Each week was really well planned with great songs and toys. The handouts were excellent and of a high quality. Plenty to keep Lexie’s attention throughout the session. (Dec 2008)

Jill, Daniel's mum: Loved it!! Daniel is signing away and we as a family are really seeing the benefit from it! I feel Daniel got a lot more out of the course this term, and got to know the structure of the sessions, what was happening and who the puppets were!! (Nov 2008)

Daniel and I have really enjoyed the sessions and have both learnt a lot. Daniel appears to be getting a real sense of satisfaction from communicating and it is really nice to be able to understand some of the things he wants or needs!!!! Really good weekly topics, good range of activities, really appropriate - Daniel is now really starting to communicate, with the help of many signs. Handouts useful, puppets really nice, bubble machine was the highlight for Daniel!!!!!! (Jun 2008)

Just thought I would drop you a wee note to say Daniel's signing is really taking off!!! 'Again' is his favourite sign - but after the bubble machine you probably have already guessed that!!! He has used it in context for so many things - reading his books, play time, even in the swimming pool when he wanted to jump off the side again!! He also uses it for eating when he wants more!! It is getting to the stage where he is not needing prompting at all! I also think he is realising that he can communicate and by using signs and even props he can tell us what he wants, which is giving him a lot of satisfaction. So I just thought I would give you a big thank you from Daniel and myself as I truly believe your classes are making a difference! (April 2008)

Louise, Ruby’s mum: A fantastic course with great songs and rhymes to sing with your child. It was great that the course was on a Saturday as ‘working mums’ tend to miss out on classes with their babies. The content was great as all topics were relevant to the child’s day! (Dec 2008)

Jo, George's mum: Subjects covered were very relevant and well structured. The use of toys and “sandy” were very good. I think you highlighted how fantastic signing is and I know the most valuable sign George and I have taken is “milk”, although he uses it for food and other things, it has been so great as I am at least understanding some of his needs. (Jun 2008)

Caroline, Joshua's mum: Very much enjoyed the social aspects of the class for Joshua and myself. The material that came every week – showing the songs and the signs was a great touch – and not available for free from other programs. (Jun 2008)