Hi, I live in Drumreagh beside Ballygowan. However I'm originally from Comber. I'm married to Colin and have 2 sons. Dainiol 17 and wee Mason 2 ½. At the moment I work full time with children and I am studying British Sign Language Level 2 at Belfast Metropolitan College.


I first got interested in Baby Signing when Mason was 4 months old. At that time I was self taught off the internet and books from the library. I used basic signs with Mason everyday and he signed his first sign when he was 6 months. This amazed all the other family members and everyone was hooked too. I realised then that I needed to find proper signing classes for us to go to so, searching on the internet, I found Sign2Music! I loved the fact that it is the only Northern Ireland based baby signing organisation. I found the classes amazing! And I knew there and then I wanted to become part of something so rich and rewarding. It was then I approached Deirdre to become a Sign2Music teacher.


We have found signing with Mason a beautiful bonding experience. In the early days, before his speech had developed, signing helped him communicate any needs or wants he had or just what he was seeing around him ie, bird, dog etc. Signing has helped him communicate with us from a very early age and this has eased any situations where he may have got frustrated due to us not understanding him. Now, as his speech is so good, he mostly signs in noisy or busy situations or if he's not well knowing that we know straight away what's wrong! Currently he is learning his colours, numbers and the alphabet with the help of sign language and he's loving it! I have seen the rewards, 1st hand, how signing with our children eases frustrations, strengthens bonds, promotes self-esteem and stimulates intellectual development.


Signing has definitely helped Mason become a very confident, outgoing and curious wee man. I also feel that I am giving him an introduction to a second language, British Sign Language which he'll have the option to develop in later life.


I am so happy to be part of Sign2Music and to be able to provide classes in Comber and the surrounding areas.