Jennifer's Testimonials

Diane, Ben's mun: Fantastic, this is something fun to do with your baby/child. We enjoyed each week and have been trying to do the signs at home! Ben loves the songs! He understands the stop sign. I try to do this if he goes to do anything he shouldn't like pulling the washing out of the basket! (May, 2016)

Leona, Tomás and Páidí's mum: I really enjoyed this class, Jennifer was a excellent leader and made it all fun for the kids. My 3 year old loved going every week and Jennifer even had a birthday cake for him and we signed to Happy Birthday, which Tomás was just delighted with.The content covered in the class was excellent and I would definitely recommend the classes to other Parents.  I loved the way in which Jennifer made the class all about the kids, kids routines and made you feel very welcome there. The content covered was perfect for the ages group of the class too.  Sign language is a brilliant language to learn and the fact that my boys love Mr Tumble I can now see them signing along with him at home. I try to use sign language every day (when I remember) and I can see the children picking it up. I have a 5 year old who didn't attend the class but he has picked it up and has told me he is "teaching it to his friends in school". He often asks me what the sign for other words is too - so I must look into learning some more words  (May, 2016)

Claire, Jessica's mum: Jessica and I both loved Jennifer's class. We loved the rhymes, they helped us to learn the signs easily. We would definitely go back to another class. Jennifer is a very patient and confident teacher. The favourite was the parachute song, kids loved it. Also using puppets helped kids interact.  Jessica will do some signs at home if I prompt her but she will not do them on her own. She remembers some of the signs herself with no prompting.  (May, 2016)

Kimberley, Charlie's mum:  Jennifer is a brilliant teacher. Worked so well with all of the kids and kept them interested at all times. Such a gentle way but still the children followed her throughout. Even when it came to putting the props away the kids all wanted to help and give everything back. Jennifer is a born teacher and kids adore her! Excellent, such a lovely class and good for any child to learn the basics.  Charlie likes to show others some of the signs he has learnt. He will just use a sign out of the blue. In class he is quite shy but shows all when he gets home. (May, 2016)