Deirdre featured in the Queens University 'Graduate' Magazine

(October 22, 2011)
Move over Kylie and Danni, there's a new Minogue in town!!!

Anyone receive a copy of the Queen's University 'The graduate' magazine 2011? Check out P36.

I was asked to share my experiences for an article several months ago. Wrote a comprehensive article and was very excited to see if it was in the magazine this month. Read it and was disappointed, thinking nothing was published.

Then was directed to a snippet in 'class notes' about someone called 'Megan Minogue' who set up Sign2Music. Sounds a bit like me but I didn't work in Youth Justice Agency until 6 years after graduating (after a Masters, a lot of work experience and completing a Social Work qualification, lol). And there's the small issue of the name! ....although 'Megan Minogue' has a bit of a ring to it. New stage name?
Megan Minogue

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