Sign2Music Vol. 1 CD. Part 2 Songs for Every Day (Download)

Sign2Music Vol. 1 CD. Part 2 Songs for Every Day (Download)



Sign2Music Vol 1 is the first CD produced and recorded for and by Sign2Music. It includes:

1. Class songs used in Wrigglers and Movers classes

2. Themed songs for Every Day Activities used to cover Sign2Music topics such as bedtime & bath time.

3. Well known nursery rhymes and songs

4. Active songs to jump and jiggle to!


This download provides you with the following songs:

1. Have a Bath

2. I Live in My House with My Mummy

3. If You're Feeling Happy

4. Little Baby Isn't Happy

5. Little One It's Time for Bed

6. This Little Baby

7. Time to Wake Up Sleepy Head

8. Woof Woof, Woof Woof

Once you have purchased the songs a link will be sent to allow you to download the songs in MP3 format.

Vocals by Deirdre McLaughlin

Backing tracks by the wonderful Rowena Howey, Rhythm Express  

Please note all songs on Sign2Music Vol.1 CD are copyrighted and are for personal use only unless written permission has been granted by Sign2Music

See an independent review by Vivien Sabel, baby communication expert

See another independent review by Elizabeth James, Jellybeans Music

Before completing this purchase please complete the agreement on the CD copright page.


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